Camera Installation

We offer comprehensive DVR installation and monitoring solutions. No project is too small or too large for us to handle. We have well-knowledge representatives that can help design a system that will fit your requirements and budget. Supply the highest quality surveillance equipment for entry-level, mid-range, and enterprise-type surveillance projects.

Continually improve our operations to serve customers better. Camera Installation difficult process to implement in real life. There is why most of our customers ask for our professional opinion and service. We are using the most high-tech cameras with great resolutions. Most of our projects were only implemented with IP camera systems. We are choosing the best materials for your systems.

Cable and Wiring Installation

We offer cable and wiring installations for a range of business needs. Whether you’re moving locations or you need network cabling for a newly built business. Our teams utilize the best cabling to connect the system’s cameras to the DVR—we suggest our client’s way to secure their house with 24/7 monitoring from their phones. No matter where our customer is located, he can access his camera systems from any device with an internet connection.

We make our projects nice and clean. In our projects, you can find a camera from the first look because we try to make them less exposed to the eye. It can help to prevent any vandalism.

Most of our services are made for homeowners and people who care about their assets. There is why we give the best options for them to make their life safer and secure. In addition, serving a wide range of businesses throughout New York City, our team provides full-system security design and planning services for system upgrades and new installation security projects.

A high-speed and secure network provides the functionality and protection your desire.